Second Circuit Revives Muslims' 'No-Fly' Suit, Finding Federal Agents Individually Liable

MAY 2018


He Didn’t Like ‘Homeland.’ Now He’s Advising It

MAR 2017


Sudanese Refugees After the Ban

MAR 2017


Many Muslim Travelers Are Anxious After Latest Travel Restrictions

SEPT 2017


Worried About Being Detained After a Flight? Maybe This App Will Help

MAY 2017


Groups seek probe of U.S. passport confiscations in Yemen

JAN 2017


A Year After NYC’s Biggest “Gang Raids,” Families Say It’s Just Stop And Frisk By Another Name

APRIL 2017


Judge Greenlights settlement in NYPD Muslim-surveillance Suit

MAR 2017


Bodega Strike Raises Over $8,000 For CUNY Program That Advocates For Muslims

FEB 2017


In New York, is it time for a change in Muslim surveillance laws?

NOV 2016


Calls to Treat Terror Suspects as “Enemy Combatants” Push U.S. Toward Totalitarianism

SEPT 2016


The Newlyweds Kept Apart by Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

MAY 2016


See Maps Showing Where FBI Planes Are Watching From Above

APRIL 2016


For law enforcement, there is no single profile of a self-radicalized jihadist

MAR 2016


American, Muslim, and under constant watch: the emotional toll of surveillance

MAR 2016


Terrorist Watchlist Errors Spread to Criminal Rap Sheets

MAR 2016


Rights Groups Seek Inquiry of Revoked Passports at U.S. Embassy in Yemen

JAN 2016


The FBI Allegedly Used the No-Fly List to Coerce Muslims to be Informants

APRIL 2014


Lawsuit Alleges FBI is Using No Fly List to Force Muslims to Become Informants

APRIL 2014


The Convert

AUG 2012


Deploying Informants, the FBI Stings Muslims

JUNE 2012


His Visa Was Stamped, His Papers In Order. Then He Was Targeted By A Secretive CBP Task Force

MAY 2019




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