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Recognition & Awards


2019Distinguished Columbia Law School Graduate of the Year
– Ramzi Kassem


2018 - 7 Nonprofits Fighting for the Rights of Immigrants, in City and State New York Magazine


2017 - Distinguished Public Interest Leader – Ramzi Kassem, by the CUNY School of Law Class of 2017


2017 - Trailblazer Award, by the Muslim Bar Association of New York


2017 - Distinguished Service Award, by ITVUSA


2016 - Civil Rights Award, by the Muslim Democratic Club of New York


2016 - New York City Council “Outstanding Citizen” Citation


2014 - Community Leadership Award, by the Council on American Islamic Relations, New York Chapter


2013 - Excellence in Public Interest Project Award, by the Clinical Legal Education Association


2012 - Queens Borough President Award, recognizing CLEAR “for its dedication to training Muslim, Arab and South Asian New Yorkers to know their civil rights”




CLEAR’s work is critical. A few years ago, I searched for legal advocates who could help a good friend. My friend, a young Black man who lived in Newark, was under investigation by federal law enforcement. At the time, he believed the FBI had received a tip from a gun use training facility he had patronized. He assumed he was experiencing the brunt of a profile because of his name—a name common among some who are Muslim. He’s not a public-facing organizer. And he was scared and seeking counsel, rightly so. I reached out to a friend who organizes with Lawyers for Black Lives who connected me with CLEAR. They responded right away and offered my friend representation. Their presence, their advocacy, stopped what might have otherwise been a life-altering breach of justice. I am forever grateful. 

Darnell L. Moore
Activist and Author of No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black & Free in America 


CLEAR is an integral part of my political ecosystem as a Muslim American, an activist and an organizer in Muslim, refugee, immigrant and people of color communities. I feel safe and bold knowing that CLEAR is a phone call away if I or members of my community are unfairly visited or targeted by law enforcement. CLEAR has rendered high quality direct services and my clients have always shared positive feedback and felt heard and protected. I would not be able to do the work I do without organizations like CLEAR. Their work is rooted in centering the most marginalized people and treating them with the utmost dignity and respect they deserve.

Linda Sarsour
Community Activist and Co-Chair of the Women’s March on Washington


In addition to leading us on a historic pushback against discriminatory policing, which ended with unprecedented safeguards being instated to curtail the NYPD’s racial and religious profiling, dealing with CLEAR and the sincerity of its staff on a personal level has been a phenomenal experience. Their vision regarding the nature of this colossal legal battle, their tireless work around the clock to protect their clients’ freedoms and privacy, their ever-readiness to subordinate their discretion to the comfort of their clients, all vouch for the exceptional integrity of this blessed bunch. Despite how long-winded and exhausting the campaign was due to external and internal challenges, their genuine concern and optimism never waned. Truly an inspiration for all those fighting the good fight.

Mohammad Elshinawy
Islamic Scholar and Former CLEAR Client


CLEAR helped guide my family through a challenging time that felt insurmountable. Your hope is that you never endure an experience of injustice that would require the support and advocacy of CLEAR, but I am eternally grateful that this organization and the people it is comprised of exist. It’s vital for non-privileged communities to understand that there is a team of legal experts that not only are well-versed in the law, but are deeply empathic and tenacious in working towards rectifying the dangerous gap of inequality, and safety for all.

Amel Monsur
Creative Director and Former CLEAR Client


New York in the aftermath of 9-11 and the war on terror is a very challenging place to navigate, especially for young Muslims who many times attract the attention of law enforcement for no other reason other than practicing their faith. CLEAR has been a crucial partner in my work with young people throughout the New York/New Jersey area. Its workshops on traveling while Muslim, immigration, and police questioning have enlightened our community about their rights as residents and Americans and given them clarity on actions to take to protect those rights. CLEAR has provided invaluable free counsel and representation for our members who otherwise would not have been able to afford it. I have witnessed firsthand, many times, the dedication, exceptional competence, and expertise of the CLEAR team in their defense of the most marginalized and am happy to recommend them with my highest confidence. 

Ammar AlShukry
Activist and Preacher


Since 2001, I have been engrossed with the national security space. As a native New Yorker of Muslim origin, I rightfully feared for the future of our community. Especially in terms of civil liberties and civil rights. I have been witness to our communities being preyed upon and cowering in fear from an overly aggressive legal apparatus. The justice system that was touted as a vehicle of fairness and equality has shown to be anything but. In all this, I wondered who would rise to the challenge of defending us in a competent, efficient and effective manner. Many civil rights group lay claim to the mantle of our champions but are wholly inadequate. In CLEAR, I have found a group that rises to the challenge in a sincere, forthright and wholly competent fashion, offering the safeguards that I long hoped for. Support of CLEAR is a must for anyone looking to actually change this landscape of fear and injustice.  Anybody in the know will tell you it’s the real deal and its model is what we should coalesce around.

Faisal Hashmi
Community Organizer and CLEAR Partner

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I was put in touch with CLEAR after interviewing nine attorneys over a year and hiring one. Naz was so knowledgeable about the issues that others knew little or nothing about and inspired such confidence that I decided immediately to switch lawyers to work with CLEAR. Throughout my process CLEAR was outstanding in every way. Not only are Naz and Ramzi extremely competent they are on the leading edge of the law on immigration issues.

Yasser Toor
Former CLEAR Client

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I am one of the many countless people for whom traveling has become a major challenge. I have experienced the all too expected “random” searches, the unexplained detentions, the panic of almost missing a flight or having to worry about my children who don’t know where their mother is and are too young to understand why we can’t just all be together and go home after a long flight from halfway around the world. I had spent years dealing with these frustrations alone. I had no idea who to turn to or how to begin to address these difficulties until I was connected with CLEAR. 

Their legal experts are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. From the first day I reached out until now, I have found their team to be responsive, empathetic, genuinely concerned and willing to patiently and consistently provide strategies and the information needed to lessen the anxiety and challenge of traveling for those of us who struggle. I know I am not alone. I am one of way too many. I know I speak for so many others when I say how grateful we are to have CLEAR on our side.

Shireen Soliman
Educator, Advocate, and Mother

Wendell Pierce
Actor (Suits, The Wire, Treme, Jack Ryan)