The Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility (CLEAR) project’s mandate is to support Muslim, Arab, South Asian, and all other communities in the New York City area and beyond that are targeted by local, state, or federal government agencies in the name of national security or and counter-terrorism.

Our work is defined by our relationships with communities and grassroots organizations whose members wish to shape and respond to law enforcement policies and practices affecting them. CLEAR’s community-oriented approach combines free legal representation with other services directed at satisfying the fuller range of community concerns.

CLEAR provides three primary services free of charge: legal representation and consultation; know-your-rights workshops; and support for community organizing.

CLEAR is the only organization in the larger New York City area that systematically provides this range of support and services free of charge.

CLEAR is housed at Main Street Legal Services, Inc., the clinical arm of the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law


CLEAR was launched in 2009 as a cross-clinical collaboration between the Immigrant & Non-Citizen Rights Clinic and the Criminal Defense Clinic at CUNY School of Law. CLEAR has since expanded and is now staffed by law students from all of the clinics at Main Street Legal Services, working under the supervision of CLEAR’s dedicated law faculty and staff attorneys.

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  • Ramzi Kassem

  • Tarek Ismail

  • Naz Ahmad



2009-2010 Masthead
Inaugural CLEAR Team – Class of 2010: Suzanne Adely; Beena Ahmad; Disha Chandiramani; Michael Corcoran; Hera Javed; Michele Lampach; Michael Leonard; Mona Patel; Talia Peleg; Laura Polstein; Insha Rahman

2010-2011 Masthead
Ziska Anderson; Suha Dabbouseh; Yasmin Dwedar; Kathy Heffron; Erin Herro ; Rezwan Islam ; Matthew Main; Fatima Naqvi; Bisma Nasar; Edward Poff; Lisa Zayas

2011-2012 Masthead
Michael Figura; Robin Gordon Leavitt; Julia Hernandez; Cassandra Kelly; Liz Kenney; Gabriela Lopez; Krystal Rodriguez; Kim Sandberg