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Know Your Rights

Resource guides and documents that can help you.

Guidance: Muslim Ban

Know Your Rights

  • CLEAR, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!: What to do in Interactions with Law Enforcement [English] [Arabic] [Urdu] [Bangla] [Dari] [Spanish]
  • CLEAR, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!: What You Should Know About Informants [English] [Arabic] [Urdu] [Bangla] [Dari] [Spanish]
  • CLEAR, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!: Charitable Giving [English] [Arabic] [Urdu] [Bangla] [Dari] [Spanish]
  • CLEAR, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!:  Flying While Muslim [English] [Arabic] [Urdu] [Bangla] [Dari] [Spanish]
  • Muslim Advocates, What You Need to Know: FBI Visits To Your Community
  • Muslim Advocates, Got Rights? 
Know Your Facts


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